Episode 65 – Bigg Boss gets Furious over Swami Om

It was an exceptionally remarkable and fascinating errand as indicated by which, there were four couples in the house having 4 sweethearts and 4 lady friends each. The couples comprised of Manveer Nitibha, Gaurav Bani, Rohan Lopamudra and Mona Manu. The Bigg Boss house should change into young men lodging and young ladies inn.

Episode 65 – Bigg Boss gets Furious over Swami Om

Priyanka was made the strict superintendent of young ladies lodging while Swami Om was made the strict superintendent of young men inn. It was likewise said that this undertaking will affect captaincy Raees Total Collection.

As indicated by this errand, the couples needed to trade love letters amongst them and the superintendents should block. In the event that the four couples generally would trade more than 20 adore letters between them, they would win while in the event that they would trade under 20 letters, the superintendents’ group would win.

The errand began and Rohan and Lopamudra went inside the lavatory to compose the letters and Swami Om began slamming the entryway hard. Swami Om went totally frantic and Bigg Boss needed to intercede in the middle.

Bigg Boss was so angry over Swami Om that it was difficult to accept. Every one of the housemates were called to the living region again and Bigg Boss obviously said that there was no physicality permitted inside the house.

The undertaking then continued after some time and Priyanka had a tremendous battle with Mona Lisa. Priyanka, of course, turned out to be very individual and passed some exceptionally awful remarks to Mona Lisa.After that, Swami Om by and by got physical with Rohan and that was when Bigg Boss requested that every one of the housemates stop the diversion. Swami Om was called inside the admission room and Bigg Boss debilitated him that in the event that he was seen getting rowdy once again, he would be kicked out of the house.

In tomorrow’s scene, Gaurav and Bani would get an agreeable supper date yet lamentably, Swami Om and Priyanka would keep tormenting others.

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