Breaking News from House: Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg supervisor says that big names are experiencing issues taking after average people orders. split is clear between them since ordinary people are attempting to convey famous people to earth, big names are taking a stab at being quiet yet having troublesome time. Otherside Swami ji is playing his own amusement. Priyanka, Manu, Bani, Lopa are demonstrating hues unmistakably in house.

Breaking News from House: Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Day 01


Swami says Priyanka that you have adaptable body, you can do reflection effortlessly, she indicates yoga position with her feet topsy turvy, Swami says you have kept up body well, it doesnt feel like you have two children, you do yoga so pleasantly, i ask they dont get envious of your body.

Inqilab tune plays, detainees wake up and move. Monalisa is moving. Bani shrieks and says first manage is coming.


manager says to prisoners that there is control book, Naveen read it. Naveen peruses:

Manage 1: proprietors won’t do any family unit work. slaves will do it

Administer 2: proprietors can utilize pool, or any adornment however slaves will need to solicit authorization from proprietors to utilize it.

Govern 3: proprietors can utilize beds however slaves will have one bed just, Naveen says we can utilize Rahul’s bed as well, all giggle.

Govern 4: proprietors will have ringer which they can ring and ask anything from slave, when proprietor rings chime, slave will need to come and take after his principles.

Control 5: proprietors can rebuff slaves on the off chance that they dont tune in.

Administer 6: slaves will just eat bubbled nourishment, no seared or simmered, Bani moves at this.

Administer 7: slaves cannot utilize utensils for nourishment, they need to utilize leaves to put sustenance on it.

Run 8: slaves will rest subsequent to dozing of proprietors.

Run 9: Owners will utilize washroom first in morning. Mona says this bad form.

Manage 10: this is essential run the show. Proprietors can make rules for slaves, they need to annouce it and write in this book.


Prianka says to Bani that you didnt answer me. Bani says you have harmed my heart, Priyanka says i just asked your age, Bani says approve talk, Priyanka says i was conversing with you and you cleared out, Bani says i am 28years old, i was trying to say that it hurt my heart, Priyanka says its simply little thing, so imagine a scenario in which you are harmed, why did you say that i am specifically assaulting you. she takes off. Bani says to young ladies that she began conversing with me out of blue, she said that i have child, i said that i didnt meet my child, may i have one, she giggles.


Priyanka comes to Bani and saysi was by and large asking you, Bani embraces her and says no issue. Priyanka says you could have said that you are just 28years old and dont have child, Bani says i felt awful, Priyanka says we are all same here, i am mother, Bani says truly? Priyanka says i have two children, Bani says i misjudged you, i thought why you got some information about children all of sudden, i am happy we cleared it, she embraces her and says say thanks to God.


Ringer rings. all hurried to get sustenance. They come in store and see apportion for week. All are cheerful, Bani says store room will be shut, lets take this out. All begin conveying things to kitchen. Proprietors are aiding as well.


Nitibha inquires as to whether this assignment have winning or losing? Manveer says yes ofcourse, you cannot help them, Swami says do meeting toether and choose everything together. Manveer says to Swami that dont go delicate on anybody, we dont mind who go out, on the off chance that you continue favoring them then you will be ruined, Swami says its my work to be decent to individuals, Manveer says we are in errand now. He says VIPs are working pleasantly and they are demonstrated pleasantly and in the event that we dont take after what we need to do then we will be zero. Gaurav is going from that point, and says i listened all procedure.


Priyanka says to proprietors that pick one superstar, i have picked Rahul, i will call Rahul for any work, i like him so i will request that he make me learn exercise center, he won’t feel terrible, Manveer says we are not here to make him feel great, Priyanka says let me appreciate with Rahul, Manveer says sit on his back when he gyming, she says i will punch you.


Priyanka says Swami cannot remain out for long. Swami says i go to God, you individuals are housemates, on the off chance that you are hitched or not wedded, but rather in circumstance, you had illicit relationship with young lady, you body is being utilized, you dont have warm as much my body has that is the reason i said that i can hold up under warmth, Priyanka says came inside subsequent to listening his discussion. Manveer says dont tell VIPs that we dont have warmth or you cannot sit in warmth since they will take it out on you in assignments.


Lokesh rings ringer and calls Lopa, Lopa asks what work i have? Lokesh says you need to clean pool, Lopa says who will cook then? Priyanka says dont stress in regards to it. Priyanka says tea doesnt have sugar, Manu says lopa made it, she took one hour to make it, get her and bring up out. Priyanka says Lopa you didnt place sugar in tea, Lopa says i made it according to you, Priyanka says i will put sugar however i cannot wash spoon, Lokesh says no one knows how to cook. Manu inquires as to whether she is cooking parathas? she says yes, he says affirm go, sugar will be put by another person, you go now, Lopa takes off. Naveen says let her cook in the event that she is great cook.

Bani says Lopa knows how to cook so dont give her other work Lokesh, Lopa says choose one request and adhere to that, i am cooking and Bani will clean pool, Lokesh says affirm.

Bani is cleaning pool, Akansha inquires as to why she is cleaning alone? Bani says your cronies came and asked me, Akansha says it will take you till night, your workout will be here, Bani says i was working in kitchen yet they requesting that I clean pool, i said that nourishment will be late, Lopa was given this work yet Lopa was working in kitchen, its alright, take one for the group, Naveen says blue hai vani, vani, Akansha says each puppy has a day, Bani says each b***c additionally has her day, genuine crap child. Bani says i have cleaned much.

Manveer says to Lokesh that why did you hear them out? why did you send Bani to clean? dont go under her, you cannot do it kid.


Gaurav requests that proprietors take sustenance to feasting table, its conjusted here, Manveer says we just came here and its conjusted as of now? Lopa asks to Manu to take from that container, Manu says would it be advisable for me to go home? Lopa says its out of spending plan, he says so what? she says approve take it. Mona says to Bani that they have eaten three dishes then when will we eat? Bani says let me ask Akansha.

Priyanka says to Rohan that i dont like this paratha, Rohan says you let me know how you like it, Priyanka says i can demonstrate to you proper methodologies to cook it, Rohan says Lopa made it, Manu says its like sustenance for 5years old child, Priyanka says even my children wont eat it, too bad, Rohan says we didnt taste it, we dont have alternative for that, on the off chance that you right decide that we can taste it then it will decent, Priyanka says astute you.


Swami says to Manu that Nitibha listened to my discussions, i requesting that her wear red, she wore it, Naveen says you generally wear red, Swami says i have purpose for it, kids cry when they are conceived however my guruji said that i didnt cry when i was conceived, i began talking, Naveen asks what was dialect? Swami says it was hindi, Naveen says no one but human can talk diverse dialects, pooches bark from all over world in same dialect, so let me know what did you talk when you were conceived. Swami says my guruji let me know, i said that i will take away agony of everybody, Chola-laal(red). Akansha inquires as to whether he can read future? he says no, Manu says i can read future in the event that you come in my discussions, he chuckles. Akansha says i have great future, Swami says i talk in regards to peace, Akansha inquires as to whether he resemble that since adolescence? Manu chuckles. Naveen says i can read future, he says to Swami that you will be in this house for 6days, all giggle.


Manveer says to Manu that Swami is not issue or not absolutely apathetic, we dont need him to go to otherside, Manu says he will remain our side as we have shades of trees. Manveer says we hear him out, Manu says yes famous people are acting like englishmen.

Nitibha says to superstars that you cannot utilize any utensil, you need to utilize hand to eat, Gaurav says you can include leads in book, please right it. Manu says on the off chance that you need oats then eat it, we will compose it. Nitibha says we cannot conflict with standards which is as of now composed. She makes Gaurav read decide that they cannot utilize utensil yet its not about they cannot eat with us, all of you simply need to eat with hands yet can eat with us. Gaurav reports that we can eat with them yet we cannot utilize utensils. Manu says to Manveer that he is calling them as big name posse. Bani says Nitibha that you cannot change existing guidelines however you can include them so would you be able to include cutlery, Akansha asks caturi(bowl)? she says no forks and blades. Manveer says to Manu that i believed that we can eat with them however Gaurav called themselves as big name group, Priyanka says make decide that they cannot eat before or with us, simply after us, Swami says she is Jhansi ki rani, Manu says we can make all the more great run, they will in the long run eat, Manveer says they made nourishment for us and didnt eat, in the event that they proceed with it then its fine yet in the event that they begin eating before giving us then we will make manage, Manu says they ought to warm with hands.


Lopa says i was supposing in regards to working out in exercise center, she discards her leaf of banana, Mona says you need to utilize it for seven days, Lopa says what? goodness my God? i broke it even, i cannot eat on it, sustenance gets stuck in my nails, Naveen says you cannot utilize fork for eating yet you can utilize fork to remove nourishment from nails, Lopa expresses profound gratitude that is decent of you. Karan says else you can go to Naveen, he will help you, she approaches in the event that he will mastermind her nail treatment and pedicure? Naveen says i will converse with bigg manager for that, Gaurav says Naveen is becoming flushed, Lopa says why call bigg supervisor for that? Gaurav says she is inquiring as to whether you can isn’t that right? he says i will do it, i cannot say no, Gaurav says we will clean takes off.

Lopa says to Mona that others used to work for me and now here i need to work myself and notwithstanding for others, this is energizing.


Gaurav says on the off chance that they can begin washing up? Akansha says you cannot scrub down till proprietors clean up, Gaurav says so you individuals are going to wash up? Manveer says we will begin


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  2. Sabse ghtiya or boring show or isse bhi ghtiya jo bhed bakriya isme jaate h

  3. Big boss kya sochkr apne India wale bevkoofo ko bula liya h….ek vo goojar chamcha ..bna huaa ghum rhah..dusra bevkoof vo navin namoona..apni chasmiss wali harkete dikha RHA h..lgta g..kch jyada pdkr aa gya h..teesra vo baba Ji vo to sabka baap h..c….ar 4 vo pati bhakt khana Pilar pati varta Mari bn rhi h..suhagno k vary ka bhi mjk bna rhi thi..AGR me vha hoti to inki ache se bend bja deti sach me I hate this ..bevkoof log …India k name ko bhi dhbaaa LGA the h

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