Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Episode 81 updates: Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul get into a heated brawl

With regards to the soul of the continuous BB Rail assignment, the Bigg Boss 10 candidates wake up to the tune dhadak. The day starts with Om Swami giving a clarification to Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar for making individual comments at Manu the earlier night and apologize him for it. While going out for a stroll alone in the garden zone, Manu contemplates over the penances that he has made Raees Box Office Collection in the previous couple of months to be on the show and how he needs to legitimize every last bit of it by winning the show. Om Swami, then again, proceeds with his unusual shenanigans by composing Bigg Boss viewers, mujhe maaf kardo and vote in favor of me on a bit of paper and hangs it around his neck while the spectators have a decent chuckle. Before long, Bigg Boss continues the errand and requests that the candidates get back inside the correctional facility.

Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Episode 81 updates: Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul get into a heated brawl

Indeed, even before Bigg Boss rings the signal to begin the errand, Om Swami chooses to sit inside the prison stacked with nourishment even in the wake of stopping the undertaking mid-approach to end up distinctly a contender for captaincy. His absurd conduct brings a rush of outrage inside the house and prompts to a noteworthy battle between Om Swami, Manu and Nitibha Kaabil Total Screen Count. Om Swami being taking care of business tries to grab Nitibha’s umbrella however winds up harming himself and begins dying. Bigg Boss calls him inside the admission room and in the wake of giving him medicinal consideration reprimands him for softening the tenets and bursting up the assignment even in the wake of being expelled.

After much interferences and dramatization, the undertaking at last begins and the first to be discharged and conveyed to Bigg Boss by the prison guards Mona and Rohan is Manveer Raees Total Screen Count. With just Nitibha and Manu left in the correctional facility, the amusement gets more exceptional and intriguing with every tortuous moment.

With the second siren, the corrections officers free Manu from the prison with just Nitibha left in the amusement. Manveer and Nitibha, in the wake of having a couple days of cool war, at long last set aside out opportunity to determine issues between them. Nitibha to demonstrate her indicate asks Manveer place Manu in her circumstance and dissect his activities. Indeed, even before they could achieve a conclusion, Manveer at the end of the day leaves the discussion mid-way.

As the last and the last siren rings, the housemates praise their triumph as they discharge Nitibha. Later in the day, Bigg Boss reveals that after effectively finishing the undertaking, the housemates have figured out how to clock 28 lakhs expanding winning add up to Rs. 43,99,206. Bigg Boss likewise declares that Bani and Om Swami will battle for captaincy and the undertaking will be reported soon.

Finishing the day with a fun action, Bigg Boss presents a logbook errand wherein the candidates need to utilize a cell phone to snap pictures at assigned areas inside the house. In the given time the competitors are requested that catch fascinating selfies and impart it to Bigg Boss. Om Swami is made the chief of the errand while Manveer assumes the part of partner executive. Om Swami being Om Swami attacks this errand as well, on account of his shenanigans.

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