Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update: Day 3| Parde mein song plays. Gaurav is meditating, Priyanka, Mona are dancing


Parde mein melody plays. Gaurav is contemplating, Priyanka, Mona are moving. Rohan is hitting the dance floor with Mona. Karan is brushing teeth.


Swami says to Naveen that Gaurav said to Akansha that he cherishes him, i will deal with you, Naveen says we won’t utilize this information specifically, we will attempt to us to make Gaurav on your side, Swami says this is great avarice thing, if some VIP is promising to wed you then its his acting.


Swami says to Lopa that i am sad for yesterday, i had fever and lost my psyche, i am sad, Lopa says for talking in regards to young ladies like that? he says for everything, i apologize for everything, we ought to say truth however ought to say it delicately, i was going distraught in view of fever, Lopa says you didnt that much fever, i checked your body temperature, your had 104degree fever then i would have seen yet it wasnt much fever, she calls attention to that he is wearing shoes wrong feet, Swami says i went to be checked from specialist, i am adherent of Devi, Lopa says its not in regards to stating you are devotee, you ought to say it in your demeanor, Swami says human is committed of errors, it would be God if dont do botches. Gaurav comes and says i ought to let you know that it doesnt suite you to say things like that to young lady, Swami says i was irate, Gaurav says regardless of the possibility that you are furious, when individual listens things like that then they feel awful and it influences rationally, you are encompassed by individuals that are you utilizing you, Swami says i know the previous evening i was being utilized by them, Gaurav says if happens a considerable measure of time that they point the finger at you for things, they say on your back that you said things which you didnt, Swami says i was being utilized yesterday, i realize that, i was eager and expected to take prescription however i could have rested without it as well.

Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update: Day 3| Parde mein song plays. Gaurav is meditating, Priyanka, Mona are dancing


Akansha is washing garments, Gaurav says to Akansha that your propensity for washing garments and picking individuals is decent, Akansha says this is from my past experience, Gaurav says that decision of your significant other was from another person, you dont need assume liability for that. Gaurav says i needed to solicit you that in light of the fact that from that mystery, i felt awful, Akansha says i didnt feel awful, Gaurav says i knew in regards to your past from before else i would have felt terrible making you discuss it to fathom conundrum, Akansha says then i wouldnt have raise point, Gaurav says i let you know that i wont examine that subject with you, i didnt know undertaking would come up, individuals would discuss it in thoughtful about it yet you didnt which i preferred, you ought to talk like i am alright with it on the off chance that you are solid, Akansha says i am fine with it, Gaurav says when young lady is solid, it looks truly decent, all the best, she says to you as well, Gaurav grins and takes off.


Priyanka says to Gaurav that dont say that i agree with Swami’s stance, Gaurav says when a man say something incorrectly and on the off chance that you are remaining on his side regardless of the possibility that your reason would you say you is regard him, or in light of appetite or anything it looks wrong, that man said numerous wrong things, Priyanka says so he didnt have right to request sustenance? Gaurav says i am not utilizing solid words like right, but rather it doesnt suite particularly a young lady supporting him when he was makine more issues, Priyanka says consider the possibility that he said that he was feeling sick, dont target me in light of requesting nourishment for him, Gaurav says why might you chat for his sake to such an extent. he was stating to group that he was being utilized by you individuals yesterday, Priyanka says what? goodness God, Manu says yes, Gaurav says i am TV on-screen character, i know you individuals would look awful on Tv, play diversion, i am not denying that, Manu says he let me know that famous people are requesting that I go on their side yet i am on your side, Lokesh says he is playing twofold amusement, Manu says demonstrate this on sunday, Gaurav says battles will come up however when he talks so wrong then its high contrast, he clears out. Manveer says to Manu he is stating things which we advised to Swami when they were not there, he is passing our discussions to them.


Naveen says to Swami that VIPs are stating that you let them know that we are inciting you against them, Swami says i didnt say it, they are pointing the finger at me that you individuals are inciting me, Manu says would it be a good idea for me to call Gaurav? you didnt say to him that we are inciting you? Swami says call him i didnt say it, no way, Manu says Gaurav is lying, Priyank says this man called me little girl, he cannot not be right. Gaurav comes there, Priyanka says sit and talk. Manu says Swami is stating he didnt say we are inciting him against you individuals, you are making him look terrible in our eyes, Swami says Gaurav let me know that you individuals put fault on me for every wrong deed you do against big names, Gaurav says what? Manu says he is stating that whatever wrong we do with you individuals, we do it on Swami’s platitude or requests, Swami says yes he said it, Gaurav says yes i said it when he said that he was being utilized yesterday by you individuals, Swami says i was not being utilized yesterday by any means, Gaurav says you said it in morning just, you said you understood that you were being utilized yesterday, Swami says you said it yesterday to me, Gaurav says we talked today morning, Manu says Gaurav cleared it, Gaurav takes off. Manu says Gaurav cleared that he said it to Swami and us both, Priyanka says you said to him that we utilized you? Manu says they should be furious as we made entire nourishment scene, and Swami let them know, Swami says hear me out, Manu says you are demonstrated that you are two face individual, Gaurav cleared it, now be obvious that he is adversary, Swami says hear me out, i let him know that yesterday my petition of 45years got in vein since i dont do things like that, i think twice about it, the picture i made in 45years, it got obliterated yesterday.


Famous people are in movement range. Bigg supervisor indicates them second mystery/conundrum which they need to figure whose it is

second mystery: There are numerous scars on moon, yet there is no scar on this moon of his home/family.

Gaurav says its in regards to somebody who is reasonable, moon is alluded for individual who is reasonable, Bani says it can be Nitibha, she has exacting decency and she is likewise reasonable as individual. Mona says she talked in regards to moon as well, she said that she sees misery in moon.


Bigg manager says proprietors need slaves to be far from each other so that they dont discuss mystery puzzle with each other. Priyanka says to Rohan that not sit with Karan, Rohan is sitting alongside Karan aroudn eating table, Priyanka requests that he change situate, Karan says not to do it this time, Rohan says fine, i definitely know name of individual whose mystery it is, he goes and change his seat. Priyanka says go out, you are breaking standard, Rohan says you need me to stay hungry then fine, he begins leaving however Priyanka requests that he sit and eat, Manu says we will prod as well, Rohan says i didnt do anything, i recently said that i know the name, Priyanka says give him nourishment. Manu says dont make joke of it, i am now disappointed about these things, Rohan says i didnt do anything, Manu says you cannot do anything in regards to me either, Rohan says i can accomplish something in regards to you without a doubt, Manu says not even your fantasy, he hits his clench hand against table and says you cannot do a thing about me, he gets up from seat and says i am stating over and over however you are taking things in joke, what would you be able to do about me? Rohan says i didnt say in regards to doing anything to you, i recently said that i can accomplish something with anybody, bigg manager i can do anything, i can do anything, and most exceedingly bad is whether somebody is baffled then i can accomplish increasingly, and he cannot do anything, we can discuss anything, or undertaking or mystery, you dont know how to play amusement, Manu says you are player? Rohan says you cannot prevent us from discussing errand, Manu says yes we cannot stop you people.Rohan says issue is you attempt to be great however you are not, Bani shrieks to stop battle. Manu says say it once more. Bani requests that Manu quiet down. Rohan moves around and says i can talk, i can do anything, anything and no one can stop me, Priyanka says you cannot get to be saint this way, Rohan says i am as of now legend, Priyanka says approve might you venture to eat now, Rohan says i will examine undertaking, i will examine mystery, bigg manager ha given me right, you give me discipline yet i am legend and i will examine, Priyanka says you wont get to be saint this way, just by moving, simply sit and eat, Rohan says you give me arrange then i will sit, you are proprietor, simply ring chime, Manu says when we arrange because of errand then we are awful and when we dont arrange and, after its all said and done we are awful, what would it be a good idea for us to do? i just advised Karan and Rohan to not talk. Gaurav conveys run book and says listen to manage, he peruses decide that proprietors can utilize their energy and can do anything to win this errand, they can make slaves work so much that they are not ready to examine anything, they can give them work so that slaves dont have opportunity to talk and their figure turn out badly as a result of it. He says to Manu that you cannot ask him to not converse with Karan but rather you can offer work to stay away from us talking. Swami says on the off chance that they are begin talking then in what capacity will we prevent them from examining things? Rohan says Swami ji your wellbeing will turn sour, you go and take rest, Gaurav request that he eat, Rohan sits and begins eating. Mona comes to camera and says i cannot shoulder this house, this is unimaginable, dispense with me, i cant, she begins sobbing. Manu says i instructed him to not talk and examine assignment, Gaurav says you cannot ask him to not talk, Rohan says this is distinction between you individuals and us, you dont know to talk, Manu gets up from his seat and goes to Rohan’s side, Manu yells that what he implies by contrast? dont you set out say it once more, what does contrast mean? Manu charges at Rohan however Bani and Karan stops him, Manu says you *******, Bani says dont undermine him.Manu yells that i am attempting to resist the urge to panic yet what he implies by it? Rohan its not contrast between average citizen or us but rather its distinction amongst you and us. Manu says to camera that not in any case single individual beside Priyanka is remaining with me. Swami tries to say something to Rohan, Rohan yells that let me eat, would you be able to simply stay close for at some point? you a


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  1. i am a simple women and i will show my power in task

  2. I think the new way of portarying the big boss is pertty a failure , as the junglis (commoners) truly dont realise that they are been shown on tv, being a commoner they dont fear abt their carriers, insted it becomes unfair for the celebs to hold up there end in the show and there image in glamour world.
    God help the show.

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