Delete PariMatch account

Registered players of Parimatch sometimes have a question: how to delete an account? Some may say: why delete it – just don’t enter the site! But if a person is at risk of developing a gambling addiction, this method cannot be called ideal to stop betting for money, because the bettor is still tempted to visit his account.

How to delete and block an account on Parimatch?

To delete a profile, you need to submit a request to the support team with the appropriate request. The button to start the live chat is located at the bottom right of the home page. Write the phone number, e-mail and name specified in the account, add a succinct and informative description of your request.

You can also contact technical support by email or phone. You may get the contact information from “Support service” section of the bookmaker’s official website.

If you send a Live chat question about how to delete the account in PariMatch, the answer from the operator will come within a couple of minutes. If you receive a consultation over the phone, the answer will be provided immediately. If you write a letter to e-mail, the answer will come within a couple of days in the form of instructions.

If you decide to get rid of your account, delete or change your account:

Remember, when a player registers and ticks the necessary boxes, he gives his consent to the processing of personal information. This means that information about the user will be transferred to the database of the bookmaker’s office.

Also, before deleting the account, you should withdraw the funds available in the account, because after submitting a request to technical support, the balance will become unavailable. Get ready for the fact that you will not be able to delete all the information. Information about users is stored in the bookmaker’s database. However, you will not be able to bet money on sports games and to authorize in your profile as well as to register again.

Also, if you are interested in the question how to delete from PariMatch, consider the alternative – the inactivity of the profile. If the bettor hasn’t deposited money on the balance, hasn’t made bets, hasn’t made payments for 6 months, he will have his access to the account blocked.

Can I restore my account after deletion?

A bettor who has figured out how to block an account at PariMatch, and used one of the above methods, may want to restore his account. To do this, he needs to submit an appeal to the support team.

Remember that profile restoration is a long and complicated procedure. The bookmaker may refuse to do it.

Now you know how to remove your account from PariMatch. Remember that your personal data will be kept by the bookmaker even after deleting your profile, as it is stipulated by the rules and conditions of the company. Therefore, before registering, carefully study the rules of the site to avoid misunderstandings.