Are You Waiting for Bigg Boss 10? Must Watch Audition Clips and Pictures

Are You Waiting for Bigg Boss 10? Must Watch Audition Clips and Pictures, Bigg Boss 10 Latest News Update Salman Khan Promo Video Out All Time Top 10 Bigg Boss Contestants

Are You Waiting for Bigg Boss 10? Must Watch Audition Clips and PicturesBigg Boss 10 is good to go to move around September-October and this time, there will be a fascinating twist to the appear. The producers have opened entryways to the normal man to wind up being a piece of Bigg Boss.

Yes, as indicated by the current year’s organization, there will be a mixed blend of famous people and the conventional Indian. Nahi samjhe? All things considered, the producers have brought in for tryouts from intrigued trying Indians who need to be acclaimed and need to be a part of the show’s tenth release.

Must Watch Audition Clips

Vishal Singh – the Angry Young Man!

Sam Chaudhary – the Real Life Hero!

Ruchika Singh – High Heel Confidential!

Preeti Saini – the Drama Queen!

Nikita Sharma – the Rapper with the Swag!

Solomon Sangchoju – the Man with a Difference!

Vinay Kaushik – the Desi Munda!

Like we as a whole expected, there has been thousands from sections from various corners of the world. We’ve picked 7 of the numerous which we loved and these tryout clasps will unquestionably give you a vibe of who and what’s in store this season!

We have the furious young fellow that Bigg Boss loves, we have a genuine friend in need, we have the measure rulers, and we have the typical sweet floss hopefuls. We won’t be astonished on the off chance that we see any of these 7 hopefuls on Bigg Boss 10 in the long run. Are the producers of BB10 understanding this?



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  1. Leave aside all contestants I am different. From all these makeups give me one chance I am not a model not an approach. Not any tycoon nor any heroine I am anAAMADMI
    Salman dear u promised. All big boss contestants as common people but none of them seem to be!!!!
    I am a mother of 2 areal back to back fighter a normal lookin nri mom””””

    1. You dont know mam but i was only way to dry into commen man. They will choose only uncommen model only. It was bloody bloof.

  2. Big boss you cheated out as all do… No 1 of above them seems comman man.
    Really disappointed from my favourite show. I sent my video like comman man i am but no response.

  3. yes you cheated us bigg boss.These people are nt common either they are wannabe models or those who r trying to be actors. i was a fan of this show till now. All this common people thing seem to be a spoof. I feel sorry for all those including myself who have participated in this bogus show which is 100% rigged. No more bigg/rigged boss for me frm nw on.

  4. We are all common in our own way. The celebs are also common but since we haven’t seen them in reality only in reel motion. I am a middle age guy wanting to challenge reel against reality. Am waiting for this opportunity for a long time please give me one chance to make it happen.

  5. sir mujha janna ha ki sirf en7 contestant e biggboss ki ghar jayenga eya or logako vi moka milage……

  6. no one contestant entertaining watchers…

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